Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our First Pull

Once you have the RV (Puma) and the pull vehicle (Mr. Big) ready to go, then the only next thing to do is to do something.

We decided what we would do is find an RV park close to Austin (where we live and work) and rent that for a time period and make the RV our weekend get away.

We found a nice park on the web in a town called Wimberley. We called and spaces were available and Lou Vaughn reserved a spot for us without any charge.

So this first pull was to be from Round Rock Texas to Wimberley Texas. According to Google Maps, the trip would be about 54 miles.

I can tell you that I was nervous.

I started from Round Rock on Friday at around 4pm. Secretly, I was hoping that during rush hour I could take my time and no one would get angry at me for being on the road and going slow.

Oddly enough, traffic was light! But even though I was only going 50 mph and many people were speeding by me, I didn't see anyone give me any mean gestures or horn honks.

I picked up Sheri in South Austin and we drove the rig onto Wimberley.

Here are some things I remember as noteworthy. The Puma DID push around Mr. Big. I didn't have the trailer brakes hooked up, but we'll get them attached soon. So I was extra careful and it made a tremendous impact on stopping. You must plan your stops well, well in advance or you'll be in trouble.

The RV did take up lots of the road. I remember looking in the rear view mirror and seeing the trailer fill up to the center line and the side of the road line very completely.

Mr Big pulled Puma up the hills better than I thought.

I had many country roads on the way to Wimberley from South Austin. I might recommend as a path multi-lane roads where possible that are not necessarily big interstates.

Also, I did not have a sway bar. I think I'll go price one and see about putting one on. I think any anti-sway would be useful. There were a couple of times I thought it would have tamed down the fight between Mr Big and Puma.

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