Monday, October 26, 2009

Our plan for the first year of our RV

When we were thinking about how we integrate the RV into our lifestyle we had to comprehend that we had full time jobs and small children with us part time. So for us, traveling around the country really isn't an option.

Full time jobs and children really keep us anchored geographically so to use the RV we either had to use it attached to vacations or develop some other plan.

We were married in July 2009. Prior to that, my wife lived in the trailer for 2 years. So after we were married the trailer sat for several months.

We weren't really wanting to make vacations be a big hassle either - and it seems like towing an RV across the country - especially if you are pushed for time a little could be a problem.

What we decided was that we would tow the RV to RV parks within reasonable distances from Austin. This would allow us to start utilizing the RV, provide us a weekend getaway place, and let us learn lots about neat places around the Austin area. We are thinking that anywhere within a 2 hour radius around Austin would be fair game.

Sheri loved the idea. For our first RV park, we chose one in Wimberley. We'll write about Wimberley in our upcoming posts. Its a neat place and by 'thinking differently' about time/place/rent etc. we now have a little 'house' almost in the downtown area.
I made a map of the Austin area and had Google outline all of the RV parks it can find and put little red dots. So you see that there are many, many choices for lots of fun for the foreseeable future.

Love to have feedback on our idea(s). Feel free to drop a line.

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