Thursday, March 25, 2010

More on Connecting the Sewer to the RV

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE : Overall, Sheri and I really believe in the universal fitting. However, the one from Walmart that is pictured here is not a good one. Here are the reasons this one is not good.

1) The elbow separates from the universal adapter. All in all that is not bad, but the mechanism for taking them apart and keeping them together is VERY FRAGILE and is so easily broken or worn as to basically make it so the elbow won't stay in the universal fitting. Sad to say, but 'made in China' probably  means 'never once tested'.

2) The universal quick attach hose clamp that attaches the elbow to the flexible hose that most people use for the sewer hose is a bunch of baloney.

OVERALL : Don't buy the Walmart universal sewer adapter and elbow. There are better ones. As soon as I find one, I'll let you know.

Here are things we are going to look for in a universal RV sewer elbow in a new one which we'll soon have.

1) I think the unit should be clear plastic. Not so as to be grotesque, but so you can get an idea of the health of your holding tanks. Its like this - you want to know, even if you don't want to know.
2) I think that a lever of sorts should be attached to the fitting so you can get it on and off without tools.
3) The hose clamp that attaches the sewer hose to the elbow should work. It should not be a puzzle for people who do not care that much.


When we were at our first RV park with Puma, what we call our recreational vehicle, we noticed that our flexible sewer hose had a GREAT connection to the RV. Those connections are very standard with special hooks and a quick on, quick off release.

But the OTHER end had nothing.

So to dump our tanks, we pushed the hose down into the RV parks septic system's drain. But we knew that wouldn't work.

It turns out that Walmart has a really good RV department. When we were in that department we found a universal connector for the sewer. It was less than $10.

We immediately used it. I wasn't that impressed with the hose clamp. But we got it working. The universal fitting worked perfectly in the Llano River RV Park so we're 1 for 1 on that fitting working. This was a pretty useful thing so I wanted to post it so people knew these things existed. Also, I wanted to inform people about Walmart's little RV section.

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