Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Destinations : The Fairfield Texas Flea Market

Ok. So maybe this isn't quite a 'destination', but if you are halfway between Dallas and Houston (ok closer to Dallas) on IH45, there are a number of RV ( recreational vehicle ) parks in that area and some little fun activities you can do to enjoy your time a little bit more.

Not far from Fairfield there is an incredibly HUGE tree farm on highway 84 (just Southwest of Fairview). We didn't tour it, but it would be super neat to visit. Trees as far as you can see. For all I know, you may have bought a tree from there (via Lowes or Home Depot) already.

If you have wayward family members, you might be in the area to visit them in prison. I actually DID that. I won't go into that in detail here - but that was a new first for me.

We did visit the Flea Market, and I just can't say much about it. I'll let you see our video and YOU decide.


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