Sunday, February 28, 2010

RV Destinations : The Texas Bluebonnet Wildflower Expo

One of the best times to be in Texas is during the spring when all of the Texas Bluebonnets (the state flower) are in bloom. This year (2010), might be better than usual for the display. If you're going to be in Texas with your RV, then perhaps you can plan your trip around the Bluebonnets and get a little bit of their understated majesty.

The best areas, according an article from the University of Texas is : Wildflower Center conservationists have reported Texas bluebonnets prepping to bloom in granite along roadways between Marble Falls and Llano, Engelmann's daisy along Interstate 10 heading toward El Paso, and Big Bend bluebonnet in and around its namesake parks.

I've also personally witnessed copious amounts of the flowers on Route 290 from Austin to Houston, particularly in and around the Brenham area.

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