Friday, February 12, 2010

RV Lifestyle Article : Seattle Area Family RV's the USA!

I really liked this article. Yes, I know it is a press release and they probably paid for it but I think it is cool. They took off a year and travelled the USA as a family. Truthfully, most families get a one shot deal at this and then the kids will be too old and/or grown up. Then it is gone. You might get to meet somewhere when they are older on your journeys, but I would be afraid that the time comes and goes. Our little girl is 12 and our boy is 8, and if we don't do something like this soon, it will slip past us! We can shoot for a whole summer. That would work for me.

Anyway, check it out. They are selling their big rig. I also thought it was interesting that they saved up for six years for the journey.

Read the article here.

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