Friday, February 5, 2010

Sheri's Story

I went through a divorce in 2003 and in the process of that, I lost everything I owned. I then began a journey that would lead me to complete fulfilment and happiness beyond your wildest imaginations. The journey was filled with trials, tears and some extreme growing pains. In the end God brought me through with such strength, perseverance, and humility. I developed a sense of faith,optimism, and determination.

I graduated nursing school in 2006, a brand new career after 18yrs of being a wife and mom, with a career in retail. After graduating nursing school and having so many options at my finger tips, I decided that it was time to start living. I decided that I wanted to do something untraditional and completely against the grain of society and bought a travel trailer to live in full time. I gave away everything in my apt that I had since replaced from my divorce and helped others that needed it worse than me, because my new RV had everything built in. That my friend was the beginning of my life journey of living in my RV full time.

Living in an RV gives you such a sense of freedom that is hard to wrap your hands around. Its less expensive than a house or even an apt. The RV parks have all the amenities and its usually all bills paid, cable and wi-fi included!!!!How cool is that and one more benefit that I must add is hey if you don't like your neighbors you can move!

I learned that I could live with so much less, I decided that my life is so much easier without stuff. Stuff was just weighing me down and causing undo stress in my life. Over the course of my two year RV experience I have been able to really find out who I really am and what is really important to me, and friends I can tell you first hand I am happier without material things, than I ever was with everything. Don't get me wrong I still have things, but living in such a small space I learned to be very selective. I have also learned to be a neat freak and put things up when I am done.

Life in an RV is quiet and relaxing, if you stop to think about where your living and really be honest with yourself, there is a lot of unused space in your home and its just filled with thing that really serve no purpose. But take an RV, I have a kitchen for eating, living area to relax, bedroom for sleeping, and of course the most important room is my bathroom. I have to say I enjoyed going to my son's house and relaxing in the garden tub. My RV has a stand up shower.

I will continue to share insight as it occurs to me, hope this gives you some needed inspirations, as its been a true joy sharing.

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