Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Useful RV kitchen Ideas

Today I would just like to share some of my novel kitchen ideas and give you some ideas that might work for you. I purchased a toaster oven and I love it. toaster ovens have come along way and I must say, they work as well as a traditional oven in most cases and you don't heat up the RV.

Another great investment was the electric skillet, non stick is a great invention. I use mine at least once a day for various meals and this saves on gas and clean up. Both the oven and skillet store nicely in the cabinet under the fridge.
I also have found that the collapsible bowls make for easy storage as well and the clean up in a snap.

Under my sink I have found that using the plastic baskets for my utensils and dish towels work well for organizing and keeping things under the sink neat and tidy. Plastic baskets are a great invention, for under the bathroom sink as well. Well I hope that this gives you some ideas for your next RV trip.

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Jason Moffatt said...

I've become the plastic basket king in my RV. Totally hear you on that one.