Thursday, February 18, 2010

Video Drive By Review : What is DIFFERENT About RV Video

The PRIMARY goal of these videos is to get a good overall SENSE of the RV park very quickly. We think it is a viewpoint that is unique and USEFUL. These are the video's I would want to see when I'm thinking about going to a park.

If you look at our videos, we admit that they are shaky. We admit that the editing, well, was done, by us. But what we are videoing is TRUTH, pure and simple.

Recently, we did try to do a more finished video of Miller's Creek RV Park in Johnson City. We still had some drive by video, but we also 'stood still and panned'. I will say, video is a tremendous amount of work if you do ANY editing at all. I would love to do more in-depth video's with editing and reviews, but it is hard to justify spending a day to several days editing video for free. So until that changes, my editing will be limited to about 30 minutes per 1 minute of video.

But the truth is this : if you want to see beautiful videos of the park, go to the park's website and get their marketing videos.

If you want to see non-shaky video (usually only taken by walking or by standing still and panning around) then don't even bother with ours. Our goal is to get a quick drive around of the park and without expensive shock reduction equipment, it is very hard to get smooth video. So you see, for our drive through video its going to be shaky, but hopefully you'll get to see what the whole park looks like.

If you want narration or fancy audio, then I'm still not your guy - we put a little music to it, usually a random selection from youtube.

Here is what is NOT truth. I see the RV Park websites, some which don't even have pictures of the their park because either they don't know how to put pictures on the web OR because the pictures simply won't sell their park, which is usually the case.

Then I see all sorts of 'so called' videos of park which aren't even video's at all. They are video slide shows of still camera pictures which have the Ken Burns effect turned on. But that is not the truth, that is a few select pictures, usually way BETTER than the reality, set to music and it looks great, sounds great, but after watching, you still don't have ANY idea of how everything fits together.

Some of the parks are HUGE parks with 300-400 spaces that are located really close together. Those parks don't even bother showing you that part. They just show the green grass parts, the river, the trees, the inside of their rec center and their pool house. But you know, if you knew there were 350 RV's and each one was only 3-4 feet from the next one, you might make a different choice.

RV Video by RV52 :

Here is our goal. We are going to drive through the park and capture the video. We will DO OUR BEST to hold the camera still, despite the bumps, speed bumps and occasional potholes. We will edit out the REALLY bad video-ography. We will take out the sound and put in some nice music. We'll try to remember to put a nice opening statement, a map, and a picture of their entrance so you can find it if you want to stay there. We're going to try to keep this under 5 minutes - most of ours so far have been two minutes or so. But our sincere hope is that after viewing it, you REALLY have a flavor of the park so that you REALLY can make an informed decision.

Improvements we'll make as we progress : We're thinking about a JIG to mount the camera to the car that is gyroscopically dampened so that the video is much more level. We're also thinking about how to add some short clips where we stop and simply pan in a circle which we can do with less bounce. We're also thinking about adding some additional text to point out things we like.

But I just feel strongly that by 'giving a little' around bumpy videos, getting a quick drive through of a park will really give YOU all the extra info you need so that you know exactly what you can expect.

Anyway, hope this explains what we're thinking. Cheers.

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