Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RV Innovation : Travel Trailer

One neat thing about having many, many manufacturers of RV's is that through competition, all of them are working to improve everything they do. Maybe that is arguable, but without competition, which is no more than a friendly nudge, no one will really do anything.

When Sheri and I visited the Austin RV Expo the last weekend in February, we noticed a new type of travel trailer design. At least it was new to us.

I'll describe it textually, but then you can just look at the pictures I've attached.

On Puma, our 29 foot FKSS travel trailer, the design is basically a rectangle. In many ways that makes a great deal on sense.

But at the RV Expo, some of the travel trailer designs were NOT a rectangle. Instead, at the FRONT of the travel trailer, the travel trailer was built over the hitch in a triangle.

This NOTICABLY did two things. It made the Travel trailer more aerodynamic, by virtue of not having a flat surface heading into the wind, but instead a triangle, or the tip of a triangle. The other thing was, depending upon what  was in the floor plan, that it gave you a bathroom or a kitchen almost for free in the same amount of floor space. By free, I don't mean free of charge, but I mean that you could tuck a kitchen up into the triangle and where the kitchen WAS in the non-triangle layout is now free space.

It is a very clever idea and you wonder why no one thought of it earlier.

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