Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RV Plumbing : Sheri's surprise in the shower

Recently,  I was relaxing and Sheri was showering when all of a sudden Sheri started saying "Marlan, turn the outside water off!" over and over again. Since that is really easy to do, I went outside and did it.Quickly too.

When I returned inside I found out that the COLD water faucet in the shower literally 'shot' off its handle and ICY cold water was shooting on the shower door. Sheri couldn't turn it off AND Sheri couldn't open the shower door to escape the cold surprise.

RV materials seem to NOT be as high quality as materials in a stationary house. I believe that is for a number of sensible reasons like reduced weight, reduced usage (not counting full-timers), lower perceived needed cost since an RV is considered to be an EXTRA item a person buys, and so forth.

Fixing an RV hot or cold water faucet :

When I looked at the shower faucet, it did not look broken at all. In fact, I believe that the units will loosen over time as you turn the faucet on and off and they will eventually be loose. So as you shower or use any washers in the RV, you might check occasionally and give them a tighten. We noticed that things seemed a little more loose after the RV has been moved.

As for the faucet, I could not see how to put it together so I had to disassemble the HOT water and look at that faucet and once I did that I was able to assemble both back together. Nothing but a screwdriver was needed. I won't put any pictures or diagrams here because many faucets will be different. My recommendation is to simply remove the 'other' valve and examine to see how to reassemble the one you are fixing.

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MikeW said...

I'm impressed you had a screwdriver.