Thursday, March 18, 2010

RV Pull Vehicle : Mr Big skins his knee

Our RV ( Puma ) gets pulled by Mr Big, our tow vehicle.

But Mr Big is not a pretty truck. He is old and beat up. We know it. We bought him because we thought he would be 'just enough' for towing Puma around central Texas. One big strike against him is that he is a gas hog. Our thinking is that we're going to get a diesel. We hear rave review about diesel trucks, especially for towing an RV.

But this article is about Mr Big.

After thanksgiving, we parked Mr Big in an out of the way spot near our apartment. From our apartment we could see Mr Big's driver side and could check up on him visually. We didn't really need him and when we started towing around central Texas, we'd fire him up.

Fast forward to March 2010 when we decided to start Mr Big and get him ready.

When we went down to see him, we found that there was a big GASH in the side of Mr Big we could not see.

As it turns out, the LAWN crew at Bella Vista apartments ( a crew they hire ) in Austin Texas ran into Mr Big and they left a note. So if you need a VERY HONEST lawn crew, contact me and I'll put you in touch. I'm very impressed. Anyway, Mr Big is going to get fixed and paint for his entire body.

So, we bought him for $1200, put in $800, and now with paint and a dent-pull, he'll probably be worth nearly $3,000. How about them apples?

Here is the real clincher : The note was dated December 1, 2009. We didn't even contact the 'crashers' for almost three months! I bet they were shocked that nothing happened for so long.

Here is the RV owner tip that comes with this story : If your truck you pull your RV with is not needed, be careful where and how you park it because a lot can happen even if it is just parked.

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