Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tranquility of RV living

I was sitting and thinking about how peaceful living in my RV has been. I enjoy opening all the windows at night when its cool and just listening to the night sounds and feeling the cool night breeze.
It is absolutely one of the most calm and invigorating feelings. When I have had a bad or stressful day, I would just come home open the windows and lay on my bed and just meditate my problems away. My RV has felt like a safe haven for me so many times.
Since I married in 2009, I moved into my hubby's apt and can honestly say I miss non-traditional RV living. We still spend our weekends in the RV, but going home after work is just not quite the same living in an apartment.
If we stop and analyse our current living space and we are completely honest, we would know that so much of our current space is not used and is just a storage place for stuff that we only like, but don't use much.
When living in my RV, I had just enough space to live comfortable and cozy.
These are just ideas to ponder.

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