Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RV Basics : LP Propane tank meter

When Puma the RV came new, it came installed with two 20 gallon LP gas tanks. They are mounted on the front of Puma on the hitch - the advantage being that they are easy to access, which is true.

Each tank has a hose that goes from the tank to basically a switch which allows you to quickly switch between either tank. The idea behind that is you switch to the full tank then disconnect and fill the empty tank which makes total sense to me.

On the 'switch' or LP gas control switch is a little red 'window' which I believe is supposed to help you know if the tank is empty or not. I've never seen the window show anything but a dark red color no matter what. So it either does not work... or something. Anyway, it just isn't tactile enough for me.

So Sheri and I decided to get a simple gauge, which I believe is as simple as a lp propane pressure gauge. This would help us get a better idea if the tank was empty or not. We purchased it at home depot for $16. We probably should have gotten two, but we got one instead.

We'll let you know how that goes and how it works over the course of the next few months and update THIS ARTICLE - not a new one. Unless a new article would be useful to describe a new concept that greatly changes or expands this one.

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