Sunday, April 18, 2010

RV Basics : Quick Tip on Buying a NEW RV

This is an RV buying tip which is HOT HOT HOT off of the presses. This is a first hand account and involves me and a good friend personally so I am not passing on hearsay.

My friend and his father were going to buy a Class A RV (I think this advice is for any RV even towables as long as their value is probably above 10-15K or so) and they mentioned it to me.

I had told them that I had heard that for new RV's that you should EXPECT to START the negotiations at 25% off of the dealers price.

My friend then went back to his dad and they totaled all the options and took off a cool 25% and also asked the deal for the 'out the door' pricing including tax title and licensing.

His father was a bit uncomfortable with doing this, but followed my friends guidance.

Here are the results as best as I can recall from the conversation. Three dealers were approached. One dealer said 'flat no'. Dealer 2 was something like $1000 above the number and the third dealer was $100 below the number. So they took the deal and ordered the unit from the factory.

So you are probably wondering how much was this worth.... The Class A motorhome listed with options was somewhere around $120K and they got it for around $91K.

Say what you want, but this advice was GOLDEN! Cheers.

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