Sunday, April 11, 2010

RV Destinations : Bluebonnet ALERT

Today is April 11, 2010. If you are anywhere NEAR Marble Falls and want to see the Texas Bluebonnets then I highly recommend that you locate Horseshoe Bay on the map (about 10 min from Marble Falls) and drive to Horseshoe Bay. I've lived in Texas since 1993 and never, even in my life have I seen Bluebonnets like I have ever seen at Horseshoe Bay.

I'll be very specific. Once you get to Horseshoe Bay, drive on "Fergeson Drive" towards the power plant. Complete fields are full of bluebonnets. It is absolutely stunning and the best display I've ever seen. I have taken some video, which I'll post in the next few days (video is very time consuming).

To put in perspective, I live in Austin and have driven the 290 between Austin and Houston. Everyone knows that is a 'nice' bluebonnet drive. Well, folks, this PALES, in comparison to the Horseshoe Bay.

Enjoy everyone.

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