Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RV Electrical System : Our water heater kept tripping the breaker

When we moved Puma from dry storage to our spot at Millers Creek RV Park we ran into a small mystery.

When we first put power and water onto her, we kept tripping the breaker.

As we studied the situation, we traced the cause of the circuit breaker trips to the hot water heater. In fact, we could correlate the click of the starter (for the gas hot water heater) to the click of the circuit breaker trip.

Our HYPOTHESIS is that we may not have gotten the tank full (oddly unlikely, but we were not careful and cannot rule it out) and that somehow caused the breaker to trip - even though it is a gas hot water heater.

We experimented with this for awhile but never found anything conclusive to say what was causing the circuit breaker to trip. We'll keep an eye on this and when we figure it out, we'll update THIS ARTICLE.

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