Friday, April 2, 2010

Video Drive By Review : Tranquil Gardens RV Park Salado Texas

For information on the concept for video drive by reviews click on this link.

This park is called Tranquil Gardens RV Park and it is located about 2 miles WEST of downtown Salado. Here is some information on the park.

The park is incredible. It is very rural and looks to be very quiet. It was clean and the RV's were not particularly close together. Sheri and I are very big on quiet.

After our drive through review, we drove through downtown Salado. We were VERY impressed with Salado. Its downtown was much larger than Wimberley's and the town had many bed and breakfasts. We definitely want to spend some time in Salado, telling all of our readers about it. We're thinking that for the month of April we'll spend our weekends with Puma in Salado. So look for more from us later!

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