Friday, May 14, 2010

Drive by Review : Hudson Bend and Armadillo RV Park

Sheri and I recently did a drive by of the Hudson Bend RV Park and the Armadillo RV Park.

Before I say too much, there seem to be maybe three or four different kinds of RV parks.

  1. Very nice RV Parks which can rightfully call themselves resorts (La Hacienda, Millers Creek)
  2. Nice RV Parks (like Fredericksburg RV Park)
  3. RV Parks that are friendly but are really RV Parks that are for full-timers. These are usually pretty decent looking, but just are different than #1 or #2.
  4. Downright SCARY looking places where the RV's MELT into the ground. One level up from wooden or paper hovels.
So here is a bit of frightful honesty. Hudson Bend RV park and Armadillo RV Park are the #4 category. I would not recommend you stay here. You've been warned.

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