Friday, May 21, 2010

RV Basics : Showering in the RV Version 2

A seemingly silly subject, but you do it once or twice a day. I wrote about showering in an RV already, but I have an update worth mentioning!

In the article above, I mentioned that how I do it so I can have a very long long shower with plenty of hot water is to have the hot water heater very HOT and just trickle the hot water out and add cold until comfortable. This is in contrast to most people in less constrained situations who will turn on the hot a great deal then add cold to mix. In an RV with a 6 gallon hot water heater, you don't have much time to get showered. Being in a hurry is NO fun.

An alternate which came from a friend who doesn't like the alternate and was complaining to me is this. Don't worry about hot water capacity. Get the temperature correct and then using the on/off button on the shower head itself (most RV showers are equipped with this) you spritz yourself down, turn-off, lather, turn-on to rinse and do this until you are satisfied.

Anyway, I wanted to pass this on. Also I can't help but think that perhaps this different method is more ecologically friendly ( green ). Will the whole world have to do this when water becomes the most sacred, scarce and most precious substance on our planet?

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