Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RV Destinations : Marble Falls Main Street Market Days

While we had our RV (named Puma) out at Millers Creek, we had the opportunity to visit the Marble Falls Main Street Market Days.

First we have to say that Marble Falls is just a neat place even without the Market Days. For example, you can have lunch or dinner right on the Colorado River.  Marble Falls is located nearby Austin, Kerrville, San Antonio, and Fredericksburg in the Texas Hill country. It is located in a region called the Texas Highland Lakes area (Buchanon, LBJ, Inks).

Anyway, this is one of the classier Market Days and as usual, I found some great hot sauce. I never claimed to be great at video, but hopefully after viewing this video you'll have a better idea if you want to go and that you WILL. Sheri and I recommend it.

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