Friday, May 7, 2010

Video Drive By Review : Roadrunner RV Park Johnson City Texas

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The Roadrunner RV Park is located in Johnson City Texas. Johnson City is located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. This is craggy, rocky, hilly ground covered by Mesquite and Oak Trees along with large fields of prairie grass. Marble Falls and Fredericksburg are neat little nearby destinations which have many little shops that have many fun items. It is located near Austin, San Antonio and Kerrville. It is also located very close to the Texas Highland Lakes area which is a very beautiful part of Texas.

Johnson City itself is the birthplace of Lyndon B Johnson and the LBJ State Park is close by where LBJ spent much of his adult time. I would recommend seeing that park at least once. You'll see the old Oak Tree where cabinet meetings were held which is really cool.

When I discussed Johnson City with my mother (who lives in Nebraska) she said "oh I stayed at an RV Park when we were winter Texan's. It was called Roadrunner RV Park!" Isn't that a small world?

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