Tuesday, June 8, 2010

RV Basics : The Camco SideWinder Sewer Support

For a good while, Sheri and I did not have anything with our RV black water sewer hose to prop it up or help it drain. Partly because getting started in RV'ing is a little expensive, but partly because in the parks we had visited must have had exceptional drainage.

We finally broke down and got a little thing called a SideWinder from a company called Camco. I wouldn't call this a review. Honestly, how much can go wrong or what could a person write about a plastic sewer hose holder!

I will say that when the sewer hose is empty the hose and the holder can and will blow over. We fixed the problem with a couple of tent stakes.

In case you've not seen them, I've posted some pictures, so you can get an idea.

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