Friday, June 11, 2010

RV Basics : Reducing Air Bubbles When Hooking up Water

So I'm sitting outside under our RV awning with Sheri and we're watching the "harbor pilot" help another rig pull into its back-in slot. [ Aside : why do back-in slots cost less? they are better but for the only small hassle of backing in the trailer. ]

As we're watching the "harbor pilot" who is drunk offers a little tip, what I would call a mini-tip, that isn't too bad of a tip. It isn't earth shattering, but it is interesting in a tiny way.

Here is the tip : PRIOR to connecting the water hose to the RV, run it full of water by holding the unattached end really high in the air. After it is full of water, turn off the water and connect it to the RV.

Now you won't have near as much air in the system.

Sheri and I will probably try this someday. It won't really make a big difference, but it is just one of those little tiny itsy bitsy things we thought we would pass along.


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