Wednesday, June 23, 2010

RV Lifestyle : Untruths about RV People

  As I was speaking with a neighbor last night, I thought about what a wonderful person this is and what a wonderful family he has. I couldn't help but think that there are so many misconceptions about who lives in RV parks.

The biggest misconception is that RV full timers (the term for people who live in the RV just like a person would a house or condo) are economically poor. It is TRUE that there are many, many retirees that travel in RV's and go south in the winter and that is one image, but if you don't fit that class of people, then you are automatically assumed to be economically distressed.

As I've taken many videos of RV parks, I have ran across RV parks that look very poor. I can make assumptions about them, but honestly I don't know.

What I can say is a few notes about the parks I've been associated with, and  the one I stay at now is the most interesting.

Here is a sampling of the people that are my fulltime neighbors:

  • One is the manager of a software team. He is a part time minister and he lives with his family in an RV. The kids say they LOVE the adventure and they are outside a great deal. That is more than I can say about most kids!!!
  • One is a nurse that is claimed to be one of the best nurses in town for a particular specialty. If I said more people could guess because Austin is still a 'little' big town.
  • One is a jeweler and his wife. They aren't too friendly because my wife told him that he drove too fast and now he isn't speaking to us. He is driving slower now.
  • One is one of country musics top song writers. He has several #1 hits. I should listen to them sometime but I am not too good at knowing the names of songs. I'm sure I've heard them.
  • One is a retired postman. He takes really good care of his dog and his dog is a very nice dog. It is funny that a post man owns a dog.
  • One fellow was recently divorced and really is trying to figure out his next step in life.
  • One RV is the RV of the park owner. I think it is his home away from home.
  • Another couple is building a house nearby and are living in the park while it is being built. I think they like living in an RV and are not really in a big hurry to move. There are quite a few of the living in an RV while the house is being [ fill in blanks here ].
  • There is the couple who seem fairly wealthy who just park their RV in the park, pay the fees but live nearby. The RV stays cooled and maintained so I'm not sure how you count them! 
  • One couple is a set of retired missionaries. I don't think they are what most people think of as retired, but they were missionaries and they are back in the US now.
All in all, at the park I'm at now, most people seem surprisingly middle class. The park is a little bit picky in terms of the age of your rig so that keeps out people who might not take care of things. I'm sure that has a filtering/sorting effect, but honestly, if you have a preconceived notion, you might be wrong!

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