Thursday, June 24, 2010

RV Mini News : Geico Amazes

You might find this list of RV insurance companies useful when you are looking for insurance. Perhaps you might already have insurance with one of them and its nice to know you can simply add your rig to your policy.

I wrote earlier and mentioned that we insure Puma the RV with our Geico insurance. But I thought I would regale you with a little tiny story about Geico...

When I tried to DROP Mr Big from our Geico insurance policy recently I could not do it from the web. The buttons simply would not work. I tried it from Firefox and Safari. Frustrated  I called in and made the adjustment. As a footnote to the call I mentioned that the website was not working and they should look at it. More or less simply venting.

Well, about 2 business days later I received a phone call from Geico explaining that because there is an RV on the policy, it has to go through a manual quotation process and that the web doesn't work because of that. They apologized for the problem, said they understand what is going on, and that they have plans to automate the quotation process soon.

I was pretty impressed. Geico listened and called back. Kudos to the little gal in their Dallas call center who took the initiative. I hope Geico is nice to her.

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