Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RV Lifestyle : The Bombing Mission

As Sheri and I visit Nebraska we run across many different people. Nebraska is very sparsely populated - approximately the same amount of people live in Nebraska that live in greater Austin Texas! I'm building up to a point so bear with me... We've noticed that there are RV'ers who consider themselves part of the RV community, some who are part of an actual RV club, and then finally, we've now discovered a new group - those that simply own an RV and really don't know anything about RV community 'norms', rules, or even laws for that matter. I think that comes from old age, norms from 50 years ago, and a sparse population.

So we ran across some old timer Nebraskan's who aren't so well acquainted with what I would call the norms and rules of good RV'ing and are probably violating the law. I'm simply a 'reporter' of sorts, relaying what I saw/heard, what it made me think about, and passing it on.

This fellow, and I'll leave him nameless, is an old timer from Nebraska and he has an RV. When I spoke with him about his RV, he said he had to take it out on the road. I asked him what he was going to do and he said he was going to empty his tanks. When I asked him where he did that at, he said, and I quote, " I get going about 60 mph down an old gravel road and then I open the tank. ". I mentioned that I really wanted him to do it on a road where I wouldn't be driving and mentioned that I thought that might be illegal.

He said he even had a local Sheriff camp with him and the Sheriff utilized that method! I asked him more about it and he said that after he did it you couldn't even tell because he used digesters and that it was really liquid.

Of course I can't verify any of his claims, but it does seem that you shouldn't be doing this at all, no matter how remote you are! But he is very, very old and I think I'll just let him get a ticket from the state patrol if they catch him. He is a WWII vet and I can't help this lets him relive his WWII bombing missions.

For the rest of you who aren't that old, will you just use an approved dump station? There is right and there is wrong and you need to keep right on your side.

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