Monday, July 12, 2010

Where can an RV park be located and be successful?

As Sheri and I spend some time in Nebraska in a very remote location (at family so we are not pulling Puma) I wonder if an RV park could be located in some of these remote locations and be successful. Of course successful might have to be somewhat relative - the expectation of 100's of RV's in a park would be unrealistic.

But I wonder - could I put put in a little RV park that has 8 sites and have those sites utilized at say 50% on a regular basis?

Other questions : what do small remote little places have to offer to vacationers? I expect that there would be locals who might simply full-time in the park, but could you get people to come and spend some time?

For reference (and you can google this, I'll use Miller Nebraska as my town, but any other could work). You can google this and get an idea.

I know that parks can be successful if they are located :

  • next to a river or lake
  • next to the coast
  • next to a tourist attraction (Disney, Six Flags)
  • next to an 'event' location
  • in a climate that is attractive for some reason (like Phx or south Texas)
  • next to a work location 
When I think about this little Nebraska town I wonder if the following things are marketable?
  • Peace and quiet
  • Isolation from the real world
  • Pheasant hunting country
  • Quail/Grouse/Prairie Chicken country
  • Deer hunting country
  • No traffic
  • No planes
  • Moderate spring/summer/fall weather
  • Under capacity schools (along with kids able to participate in lots of activities)
  • Family safe areas - kids can bike rides all day
Again, I'm thinking about people who are not locals that are full timers but the folks who might be looking for something different and maybe are vacationers or full timers that look for locales where they can stay for a long time as they tour the country.

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