Monday, August 16, 2010

RV Lifestyle : Eat your own dog food

I thought I'd write a quick update article that outlined some things that have happened and 'hint' at articles that I'll write in the near future. PLEASE feel free to comment, ask questions, make requests or just say hi!

* After our summer vacation, I have over 24 videos of drive through reviews to upload. One side-note of this is even if I don't stay in the parks, I sure am getting a good idea of the parks, the types and their locations.  You'll see them show up over the course of the next few weeks.
* Even after I wrote articles on the proper way to tie down an RV awning... we (through a series of silly reasons) had an unsecured awning. When a neighbor moved their RV leaving us w/o a windbreak, the wind tossed the awning on our roof like a toy. Now we are fixing the awning and these are very expensive repairs.
* We have some little 'fruit flies' in our RV. For you experienced RV'ers, you know those things are. For the rest of you, I'll write an article on it.
* We've met a few workcampers. I might write a little on that topic - although there are huge web sites dedicated to the subject.
* I met a nice fellow who runs a web site 'fun things texas' who I'm planning on writing a guest article. It would be my first article on a site.
* I would love to make a thermodynamic model for an RV. I can't get that idea out of my head. Stupid? Crazy? Cool? I can't help it - I am an engineer at heart.
* We've been installing space saving devices in our RV lately. It really makes the RV much more livable. I took some pictures and I think that would be a nice article or two.
* Sheri stomped on a scorpion a couple of nights ago. I'd never seen one running around like an ant. They are FAST FAST FAST. I'm wondering if sandals at night in Texas is a good idea anymore. I wonder if I should worry.
* We depend upon our T-mobile for internet access. T-mobile has been down for 3 days now. Very handicapping.

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