Friday, November 19, 2010

RV Basics : Blank Tank Treatment : Orange Power from Camco

Sheri and I tried the TST Orange Power from Camco. It smelled awful all by itself. Sheri characterized it as smelling like garbage, and that is BEFORE we did anything but melt the corn starch material bag in clean water.

I personally do not have a sense of smell (it is true - none at all) so I can't comment. But I trust Sheri's nose.

We cannot in good faith encourage anyone to purchase this product and we will not do so ever again in the future. Someone would have to tell us we got a bad batch or tell us we did something wrong in using it before we'd touch it again.

I can tell you the ingredients read AWFULLY SIMILAR to baking powder and salt, although I don't think that is what it truly is. The orange color is completely artificial - marketing concept only. Then there is something called a 'bittering agent'. I'm not a chemist so I cannot comment.
TST Orange Power from Camco

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