Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Checklist for Pulling OUT the RV and moving ON

Here is a checklist for preparing the RV to be moved from its current spot. I'm sure that it is incomplete, so expect that this list will be updated from time to time.

  • Drain the black tank(s). Hopefully you have a full gray tank - You would pull the black tank first, then pull the gray tank to wash it away. I've put some of my articles on RV black tanks here for fun.
  • If you have it, run the black tank rinse system.
  • Turn off the water. Run water to release all the pressure.
  • Close up the gray AND blank tanks.
  • Bring in the awning if it is out.
  • Drain the Fresh water if required.
  • Check the clearances for all of the slide-outs (internally) so they don't run up against something.
  • Strap in all the TV's for Travel.
  • Fill the fridge with cold stuff (better thermal mass) if possible.
  • Identify anything on top of cabinets or display cases that can fall. Move to a place where it cannot fall anymore.
    • Toaster ovens
    • Picture frames
    • etc.
  • Shut down any computers properly.
  • Secure all blinds
  • Retract TV antenna's
  • Remove/stow cable TV wiring if it exists.
  • Pull in slides - have someone watch while they get pulled in.
  • Turn off the LP gas so that any accident is less exciting. (The fridge can run on DC battery)
  • Disconnect the water hose.
  • Disconnect the black & gray water hose (stinky slinky)
  • Disconnect the electric power (I would shut off the breaker first)
  • Follow your RV manufacturer's instruction on connecting your RV to the tow vehicle (or your toad to your RV)
    • Release leveling/stabilization mechanisms and retract for traveling
    • Removing any wheel chocks after fully connected.
    • Engaging any safety mechanisms.
  • Any items on the ground - pick up and put inside storage areas.

Send me suggestions on important items to remember to undo!

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