Tuesday, December 21, 2010

RV Lifestyle : New Tracks Bed and Breakfast, Kyle Texas

For Sheri's birthday this year we stayed in a very nice little bed and breakfast called the "New Tracks 1840 Cabin" in Kyle Texas. You can find it on several Wimberley Texas Bed and Breakfast web sites.

If you're staying the winter in Texas, Kyle is very close to Austin and San Antonio and makes for a very nice visit.

We didn't get a hot breakfast, but we were left some very good pastries and supplies for a nice continental breakfast. Since the cabin is a very romantic spot that was nice and allowed us to get up and start our morning completely at our own pace.

The cabin itself dates to the 1840's. The owner informed us that the cabin itself was moved from near La Grange Texas to the current site and was specifically to create a bed and breakfast. When you understand what they did in terms of moving the cabin - then looking at the foundation, the fencing, and the timbers for the porch, you realize this was an incredible project with incredible attention to detail.

Of course, cabins were almost always one room buildings, and this one was built-on to make it more palatable space-wise for big ole space hungry Americans. Regardless, even the additions were made with a great deal of care, never losing the sense that you are staying in a little bit of history.

There is also a working (small) llama farm so if you are animal-crazy, you get the chance to pet llama's, donkey's, goats, and several other local farm animals. There is a river a long walk away if you feel inclined to go dip in the water. The sky is very dark at night so bring your star guides. You won't have 3G internet or WiFi, so bring a book and prepare to relax.

Let me know what you think of the video. It is my first shot at pretending I'm a small scale Rick Steve!

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