Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RV Basics : Leveling a fifth wheel : electronic leveling and JT StrongARMS

Open Range RV has a great video on leveling and stabilizing their RV's. I tried to capture in text what the video said. Plus I found the video online AND I found the JT Strong ARM instructions as well. I think it is easier to read than to watch the video - but both are here for you in this post. Enjoy.

1: Front legs - pull snap pin on FRONT jacks and allow jacks to hit the ground.
[ sub step - I think you need to extend the jacks considerably if you will need to lower the front end. Also, I think you need to make sure the electric jacks are extended a little anyway so you can raise or lower them. You'll need to do this BEFORE locking the jacks extender out.]
2-3: Extend the jacks electrically (making sure that you hear the jacks snap pin engage with both of the front jacks.
4: Release the fifth wheel hitch and raise the front jacks enough so that you can drive the tow vehicle forward. Make sure everything is disconnected!
5: Raise OR Lower your front jacks to create front to back level coach. Typically on level ground, this would be lowering the front jacks.
6: Drop rear jack legs, by pulling the snap pin on each jack.
7: Snug each jack individually by using the electronic controls and extending each jack.
8: select the side of the coach that is lower (driver or passenger). Set the electronic selector to the lower side. Extend the jacks on the lower side.
9-11: SNUG JT Strong ARMS : lower FRONT jacks 3/4 inch. Tighten REAR strong ARMS. Raise FRONT JACKS to original position.
12: Tighten up the 4 front JT Strong ARMS. Extend the FRONT JACKS now. No more than 3/4 inch or so - just enough to remove the play in the JT strong arms. Turn off the control panel!!!


1: Loosen ALL JT StrongARM stabilizers
2: Retract the REAR jacks. When they are loose, then pull the pins and lift the jack extender completely into the jack. Retract the jacks completely using the electronic controls.
3: Raise the front jacks and connect the tow vehicle. When engaged, lower the jacks to put the weight onto the fifth wheel hitch in the tow vehicle.
4: Once the fifth wheel hitch is fully engaged, go ahead and retract the jacks electronically. When they are free, pull the pin and lift the extension completely inside the jack. Retract the jack completely electronically. Turn off the controls when complete.


Here are the instructions for JT Strong Arms stabilizers. They add a couple of steps to your normal leveling procedure...

Here is the video from Open Range RV on how to use the leveling jacks!

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