Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hey Texas - I bet I paid less in energy last month than you!

It is Feb 1 and I have my electric bill for part of December and all of January. During that month Austin Texas has been pretty cool overall (not compared to the country, but compared to Austin's normal). We had several freezing days when normally we don't have more than one. Here is the austin weather data from Jan 2011.

During this month AND December we switched from RV LP Gas hot water (flick of a button in an RV). We also ONLY used the furnace about 5 nights when the temperature got very cold. All other heating came from the RV electric fireplace (I love the RV fireplaces - they seem cheesy, but now that we have one, I love it) which easily could keep the RV livable when it was approx 40 degrees outside and the inside temperature could be maintained at 70 degrees.

[ I linked the electric fireplace's above to ones listed on Amazon. I think they are very similar. ]

So HOW MUCH DID IT COST US IN ELECTRIC in 1/2 of December and all of January 2011 in Austin Texas in our wonderful Open Range 399 BHS fifth wheel RV?


That is a month and a half everyone. We NEVER suffered or sacrificed. We kept our water hot (we did NOT use our previous techniques for saving on energy costs for an RV hot water heater) on all the time, we kept the inside comfortable, we used the TV, the stereo, the computers. Sometimes we even left the door open to world (I have children). And it only cost us $62.What did YOU pay? Post a comment.

So you see, this is why living small (like the California tiny house revolution) and in RV's are very energy efficient and good for the planet. Here is another article on why RV's are good for the planet and the green revolution.

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