Monday, February 14, 2011

Why your RV feels hotter than the thermometer says it is

The other day I was asking some other RV folks why I actually FELT stuffier, or warmer in our RV, even when the temperature inside seems normal, or even on the cool side.

It turns out that the rv air conditioner was working just fine.

But what is going on is very interesting. The rv air conditioner cools the air, but in the summer, the outside of the RV is very hot. Since an RV has thinner wall than a traditional house, there is a NEW type of 'getting hot' that most of us are not as accustomed to being exposed. Its called radiant heat.

The radiant heat warms your body even though the air in the RV is just fine. You can think of the radiant heat as a form of heat that can travel from one body (used for more than human bodies) to the other without actually heating the air.

Most of us did not experience this in a traditional house or apartment because the walls are thicker and the insulation is better.

How do you solve this?

Its easy. You just have air moving in the RV. Have lots of rv fans, or rv ceiling fans, or even make sure the rv air conditioner is moving air. The air will remove the heat from your body and you'll feel great.

Finally, you'll benefit too, because keeping the air moving will allow you to keep your thermostat a little higher, saving you energy.

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