Monday, March 14, 2011

921 Replacement Bulb for a 360 degree application

Previously, I wrote about a 180 degree application for an LED light to replace a 921 incandescent bulb. I'm also using that article to collect good LED replacements for 921 incandescents as well so I'll go update that article as well. As we think about RV lighting applications, here is an article that talks about the rich variety of lighting applications within an RV.

However, that application was 180 degrees (about 1/2 of the 921 reflects directly onto plastic). This application is for a 360 degree application. For fixtures in which the light bulb hangs down in the fixture and light needs to go everywhere, you need to have a special LED replacement that has LED's sending light into every direction.

360 degree 921 incandescent light used with LED replacements
360 degree 921 incandescent RV lighting application suitable for LED replacement

The light bulb that is in MOST LED lighting applications is pictured next. It is called a 921 Wedge incandescent light bulb. I've looked around around and it looks like these bulbs put out around 280 lumens - very source dependent on the number so just use it as a weak reference.

921 incandescent bulb for rv use ripe for led replacement
921 wedge bulb commonly used in rv lighting

The LED FORM FACTOR (shape of the light or its physical configuration) that makes lots of sense for 360 degree applications.

led light with rv wedge base for 360 degree application
360 degree led light with 921 wedge base

There are many places to get these, but ONE place you can get lights like this is from The particular light in their catalog is the T10 380 or at least that seems to be the part number.

We bought two of these and replaced both 921's in the application I'm showing above. Here are my notes.

  • The replacement 'bulb' fit perfectly.
  • The WARM WHITE is a GREAT replacement.
  • Given the 380 lumens is significantly larger than the 280 nominal lumens it should be brighter than the 921.
  • It was significantly brighter - the wife loves it.
  • This is a keeper and we'll mark this as a good 921 replacement for campers.
  • The base of the light is COLD TO THE TOUCH! That will be great for the summers.
I'll make a short video later!

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