Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RV Video Walkthru : Chalet DS116RB Truck Camper

RV Video walkthru review of the Chalet DS116RB Truck Camper. When I went to the Austin RV Expo in February 2011, this truck camper amazed me. I would say this is the most amazing part of the show for me.

For one thing, when I think of a camper for a pickup, I first think of a topper, which is inaccurate, but I can't help the wiring in my mind. Then I realize that there are nice truck campers. But I am still stuck with the notion that they are small and very limited.

Then I saw the DS (double slide) 116 (i assume is a square footage reference) RB (rear bathroom) truck camper.

This is really an engineering wonder and worth looking at for a camper for hunting or just something to go with your pickup for beach trips.

Notable features (for me at least) :

  • a fully featured bathroom
  • two slides.
  • tv that swivels for bedroom or living room use
  • a well designed concept for the over the roof bedroom (two entrances)
  • kitchen island
  • full complement of water handling (fresh, grey, black) including a black tank flush
  • hot water heater 

Overall, this is a very neat camper. It really is big enough to live in for one person. Maybe two, but one for sure. I was very impressed.

For those who would prefer the link : Chalet DS116RB Truck Camper


Michael Ultra said...

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suriya said...

Yes, It was great and thank you for everything. I am looking forward to do that again!

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