Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toilet Paper Holder : Really?

I'm reading the feature lists on lots of different RV's. It seems that a key part of marketing your RV is to have a list of basic features that looks impressive. Here is a Jayco Class C's list of features.

I find the following items listed as features :

Toilet paper holder
Towel holder
Towel ring
I have to wonder are these really even worth mentioning? I mean really, a toilet paper holder? Even if you DIDN'T have one in your RV, you could install one from Home Depot for about $5.

As I'm doing these reviews, I'm finding it difficult to really list distinguishing features and those little lists make it more difficult.

I'd love to have your input but I'm finding the key features typically are  things like RV type, length, fuel type, number of axles, some smaller features (black tank rinse), an add-on or two (generator), some configuration items (bunkhouse), and number of slides. After that, the number one differentiator seems to be the brand - since brand determines fit, finish, attention to detail, look and feel, and other things that seem to hinge around the idea of style. For example, a 32 foot Airstream with a generator gives you a pretty good command on what the unit might be.

Love to have your ideas.

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