Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RV Review : 2011 Airstream Sport 22fb travel trailer

Cute little Airstream Sport 22FB Travel Trailer.

There is no denying the Airstream classic clean lines and good looks. It has an appeal all of its own, like maybe Harley Davidson or Indian motorcycles. But this is still a bunch of money, probably about twice/per foot what you might get with another travel trailer of a similar length.

Key differentiators for this trailer :

  • Its fairly light weight - see the specs - like 4000 pounds and less than 400 on the hitch.
  • clean and classic design/decor 
  • claims a 20% towing efficiency over more standard travel trailers (just repeating the claim - I have not substantiated)
  • fully enclosed and sealed underbelly
  • pre-wired for solar panels
  • probeless tank monitors

For those that prefer a link to the embedded video viewer : 2011 Airstream Sport 22fb travel trailer camper

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