Monday, April 18, 2011

RV Review : 2011 Aliner Scout Travel Trailer

The Aliner Scout. This is the first pop up I've ever video'd. Really makes me wished I had a wide angle lens! Its on the list so I'll have it soon.

The Aliner is a pop-up camper. One step up from a tent really. That is how Aliner markets it. This is like a towable, hard sided tent. Which I think is cool. Your car can tow it. Its easy to manage, and its way nicer than a tent in terms of sleeping accommodations and warmth and safety. You cannot live in an Aliner. But you can have a great time. One more benefit is that you can pack lots of camping gear in the pop-up while you're traveling.  We think it would be great fun to have a pop-up.

For those who would prefer a link : 2011 Aliner Scout RV towable camper

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