Thursday, April 28, 2011

Super HOT Wheels for RV Parks...

Check out this article on tricked out golf carts in Florida...

"The cart-friendly design stretches far beyond this hub. Trails lead directly from the Villages to big chains like Target, Staples, and Starbucks, which line the nearby highways. Instead of parking lots crammed with minivans or SUVs, I see fleets of golf carts, often parked two or three to a spot."

Hypothetically speaking... what if our cities become denser and more compact - the roads optimized to smaller commuter cars while trucks have truck-only routes and then intercity, interstate transport becomes something else altogether.

You can't discount the whole tiny house (and I think RV's are part of that) concept and not start thinking about transportation. If everything shrinks down - completely different cars make a bunch of sense. Speeds change. Concepts around safety change.

Maybe these retirees aren't just being odd - maybe they are completely in front of something brand new?

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