Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Right RV for the Job can MAKE you MONEY!

Went to a car show at the Travis County Expo Center near Austin recently. It was more of a swap meet for car people than a car show and it attracted every type of vendor and patron imaginable.

While we were there, I snapped a few pictures of a Toy Hauler RV ( this was a Keystone Toy Hauler ) which was being used as a real business tool. I've no real opinion on the business that the toy hauler supported, but the concept makes a great deal of sense.

First, having an RV lets you follow the "show" circuit, attending different events and making sure you are there, present, and making sales where the people are. The idea that you don't have to commute back and forth or worry about hotels seems smart to me.

A toy hauler can haul anywhere from 2000-5000 pounds of payload depending upon the unit. So if you can fit your inventory neatly in the garage (which comes in all sizes), now you can take your inventory with you and even have stock shelves if you wanted. Since the garage can be air conditioned, you could use the area for foods - not really for COLD or FREEZER storage, but "keep in a dry cool place" type things.

Since the RV has a really large awning, you can make a nice 'front area' for your customers and yourself where you can conduct business. Keep in mind, toy haulers have outside TV's and speakers so that you can integrate multimedia into your sales concepts.

Since the toy hauler is a fifth wheel, you'll also conveniently have a vehicle (the truck) available for you to run errands or other trips.

What caught my eye about this toy hauler was the paint job (or wrap). This really finalizes the work package and makes this Toy Hauler a lean mean selling machine.

And at night when it is all said and done, you can make your inventory safe, get a good nights rest right on the site, and be there the next morning without any commute.

toy hauler rv used for advertising and business
Drivers side view of a business use RV

toy hauler rv used for advertising and business
Passenger side view of Toy Hauler used for Business

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