Thursday, June 2, 2011

comparison of bright white or warm white led lights

Side by side comparison picture so you can see the difference.

I've installed some warm white and cool white LED lights ( which are replacements for the wedge based 921 incandescent bulb ) in our RV.

The neat thing is that they are installed so that I could get a great picture of both at the same time to get a comparison. I spent quite a bit of time color matching with my camera so that the picture looked almost exactly the same as the scene in real live.

Some quick notes on the LED lights :
* They are very high efficiency LED lights that have a wedge base.
* Each replacement light has 10 individual LED's on it  ( This is a HUGE hint if you want the LED replacement to put out the same light as the 921 it replaced ).
* My wife and I both like the cool white a little better.
* The LED lights have 10 LED's that all project in one direction. This lighting application is solely a 180 degree application.

Now you can be the judge.

comparison of cool white and warm white LED lights in RV
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heyduke50 said...

i like the bright white... couch looks green in soft and grey with green in bright