Thursday, June 16, 2011

Space Saving and Convenience Tip : Electrical Outlets for the RV

Here is a simple way to get more outlets that doesn't look too bad

No - we are absolutely not drawing too much power... I think.

But this story isn't about drawing too much power, its about how you can get more convenience outlets for your RV (or anywhere else for that matter).

How did Sheri get those outlets to stay on the wall?

Two or three months ago, after using the strips for about a month, I really took notice of the Power Strips that were SOLIDLY stuck to our walls in a couple of very key places. They were on the walls very solidly. They were SUBSTANTIALLY better located and more convenient than the power outlets placement in the RV.

What amazed me is how well fastened to the wall they were. Additionally, I detected no use of power tools, screwdrivers, or hammers. The job was fastidious! How did Sheri do it? Read down.

more electrical outlets for your RV
Sheri's Power Strips Used as Excellent RV Conveniences
From RV Park and Campground Review videos, RV basics, and travel stories with Sheri and Marlan

Sheri's use of double sided hanging strips

When I asked here about it, she brought out these little double sided strips from 3M called the Command Brand Hanging Strips. She puts two of them on the back of a power strip and it holds it great.

Read past this to find out some good things about this and how to make it work for you. Also why do WE need so many plug-ins? Why isn't this a big problem for the RV?

great two sided adhesive for sticking things to your RV walls
Sheri's Adhesive Used for Sticking the RV Power Strips
From RV Park and Campground Review videos, RV basics, and travel stories with Sheri and Marlan

Why more outlets isn't necessarily a power problem for our RV

First, this isn't a big problem for the RV power, because I've been reducing power from lighting greatly by using LED lights ( click to see some articles on LED lighting).

Secondly, the things we need plug for do not take much power. In a single night we might have the following items needing power in our RV ( Macmini, MacBook, iPad, Nexus phone, Blackberry Pearl, Color Nook, 2 B&W Nooks, Bluetooth keypad, Netbook, and a camcorder). I'm pretty sure that I've freed up enough juice from the lights to charge most of those items with very little extra battery. This does explain why we need so many plug-ins though, doesn't it.

Identifying the best places for power strips in your RV

You've got to use your RV a little. Once you use it a little, you'll know where to locate the power strips. Once you locate them then you add lots of convenience to your life. Sheri uses a power strip in the bathroom to put a couple of chargers for trimmers so they are ready all the time. Then there are still two plugs left (just like the outlet), but in a far more convenient location.

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