Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Texas RV Parks and RV Park Video Reviews

This is a REALLY good list of Central Texas (and some coastal) Texas RV Parks.
Texas RV Park with Video Review MAP
Texas RV Parks with Video Reviews
I thought I would list the RV Parks in which we either reviewed (because we stayed there) or created a video drive through review - where you can get an idea of what the park actually looks like. I am a BIG believer in the drive throughs - even though the video is very shaky. You just can't get the same idea by statically looking at a park.

Before I went too far, I've noticed that Amazon has some books that you may find helpful in learning more about Texas and its RV Parks and state parks. You can click on each one to learn more and each provides a different set of idea.

Official Guide to Texas State Parks and Historic Sites: Revised EditionFrommer's Exploring America by RVTrailer Life RV Parks, Campgrounds, and Services Directory 2011Moon Texas (Moon Handbooks)

Before you get too rough on me as to what deserves special mention or what Sheri and I liked about a park, you've got to remember that each place has a personal appeal to each visitor. If you like hustle-bustle, then you might not agree with our picks. But maybe, just maybe this will help you get some ideas for your travels.

Texas RV Parks that deserve Special Mention

Texas RV Parks that are the rest (sometimes we'll make special mention)

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