Monday, July 25, 2011

Our RV tires big blowout OR A little bit about protecting your RV

Wanna see a blown out sun rotted RV tire because I have a picture of one right here!

When pulling our RV the other day we had a pretty exciting blow out. Here is a picture of the tire.
RV Tire blowout
Blown out RV Tire - Victim of the Texas sun
Here is what I've learned about the incident.

You really need to keep your tires covered from the sun.

Here is a sun cover for your tires from Amazon. We're ordering these as I write!!!

The next thing I learned is that USING your RV actually lets the tires stay young. It has to do w/ the flexing and releasing of chemicals inside the tire to "naturally" protect the tire. But I think it is very "akin" to if you don't use it you lose it. But this explains why our normal everyday car tires do not rot so much.

One guy has a product on the internet that is a carbon black spray that if you spray your tires with it will keep them from rotting so much. I don't think that is as good as a technique.  I personally have not tried it, but I put it here if you are interested in letting me know. I'm going for the wheel covers.

The next thing I learned is that my RV tire was an H78-15. You can't buy those anymore. So I had to get a replacement from Walmart. They freak out if you tell them it is an RV tire because they think you are bringing in the RV. But actually, they carry a replacement and if you tell them it is for a "trailer" you'll do just fine. The replacement I got was a 225/75R15. You can find a list of conversions  here.

A tire iron is an awesome thing to have along with a jack. I had neither.

I hope that you don't mind too much that not only do I tell you what happened, I provide some links to the things that you will need on your travels.

It may seem a little commercial, but you can at least see what I'm talking about and when you go to the store decide for yourself.

Anyway, we got our tire repaired and we're all set.

Happy travels.

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