Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little things I've learned about RV naming

This might seem like a silly post, but here are some little things about how recreational vehicles might be named or what the little designations might be in their model numbers.

I don't think this is a hard and fast set of rules, but if I knew them a bit earlier, it would have been helpful.

SS = Super Slide
FK = Front Kitchen
RK = Rear Kitchen
RL = Rear Living
RE = Rear Entertainment (not much different from rear living)
BH = bunk house (extra beds for kids - not for example the kitchen table converting into a bed)

The numbers seem to come in two varieties - One number that is more like square footage and one that is simply the length of the unit. Typically, you can tell them apart because square footage has an extra digit.

392 = 392 square feet. I think it counts the slides extended.
292 = 292 square feet.
29 = 29 feet (29 * 8) = the real square footage.

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