Thursday, March 11, 2010

RV Video Walkthrough : 2010 Keystone Montana 3750 FK

One thing about Sheri is that when she sees something she likes, she likes it. We both saw this really neat innovative RV from Keystone at the Austin RV Expo.

We'll let the RV walkthrough speak for itself and you can read plenty about the unit on the web (see the link in this article).

The unit is called the 3750 Front Lounge (FL). What is impressive is the IMPACT or WOW factor you get when you enter the unit. It looks great. Sheri and I would have trouble assessing quality factors (like the frame, the roofing, and all that) so we will have to ask people who look at these things, but it really is a great layout.

We found lots of bedroom space (there is a slideout for the bed) for clothes. That is one of our number one things we look at because we want to make sure two people can live in the unit. The front lounge makes a separate living area and would double nicely as a spare room for children if you have them part of the time.

One note is that this is a 4 slide-out unit which makes it have so much more space.

Anyway, check out the two minute walkthrough and let us know what you think. Thanks.

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