Friday, October 30, 2009

Our First RV Park : Green Acres RV Park

For our first RV park experience, we picked a place in Wimberley Texas called Green Acres RV Park.

[ I tried to get a little video to get an idea of the pleasant LITTLE park. It is at the bottom of this post. ]

The name seems a little bit hokey, but you learn that it is on a street named
Green Acres so really they just adopted the name of the street.

We picked Wimberley because anywhere WEST of Austin is very nice - you will hear it referred to as the Texas Hill Country. There are so many wonderful little towns in the Texas Hill Country that you might want to spend time in each one - that is our plan. Wimberley is located South West of Austin and its only about 45 minutes away.

Also, we liked Wimberley because it is small, friendly and has lots of shops, artsy things, and a very eclectic set of people. You can't really afford real estate in Wimberley, but you can actually find an RV spot near the downtown, and near the river. Surprisingly, even though you could consider a wonderful destination, there were only really three RV parks that Google would point out to us.

Green Acres is one of them. If you are an RV park and you can't be found in Google, I just somehow have to suspect it is hurting your business. Maybe not, but...

We liked this little park because it looked very quiet, was about 75 yards from the Blanco river, has a little hotel within 30 yards of it, it was very, very clean, and was very small.

When we called we did not have to pay to make a reservation. The proprietor was a very nice lady named Lou Vaughn. She doesn't accept credit cards but does accept that funny green stuff and those wierd things called checks! She was so personable that we think that we made a wonderful choice.

We got there in the evening and Lou Vaughn was not around, but she told us just pull on up and hook up and she would catch us in the morning. Within 45 minutes we had water, electric, sewer, cable tv and WiFi. Lou Vaughn wasn't sure the WiFi was working well, but we had wonderful luck with it.

We paid for a month and told her we would be there on weekends whenever we could. So now we have our weekend getaway.

On our first night, when it got very dark, you would be amazed at all the stars you could see. I personally enjoy Austin - my wife - not so much. But in Austin, I have a downtown lights view and overlook a beautiful pool. All that aside, seeing the stars and breathing the fresh country air with almost no traffic noise. That was very peaceful. And needed. Amen.

Green Acres RV Park Wimberley Texas


Mark and Teri said...

Sounds like a nice RV Park in Wimberley. My family has an RV Park in Von Ormy TX, just 13 miles out of downtown San Antonio but in a quiet, country atmosphere. Kind of a no frills place but lots of peace and quiet, wildlife and birds. Ya'll come by Hidden Valley RV Park if you ever get down this way. You CAN google it!

Sheri and Marlan said...

That sounds wonderful. Thanks for commenting.