Monday, November 2, 2009

Hooking up the Utilities

When we first hooked up the recreational vehicle (RV) to the 'hook ups', something I had never done before, I took some pictures of the connections. We had fortunately arrived before dark so hooking things up were very easy.

One small piece of advice that I've already learned is that by sort of hooking up, you might find you want to back up or pull forward a bit for better connections OR for a better position on the site. So pull-in first, check out how things hook up, and be prepared to reposition just a little bit. I guess I would reword this as - don't be in TOO much of a hurry to disconnect your pull vehicle.

In case you are wondering, yes, I did disconnect the Puma from Mr Big and reconnect before I learned my lesson.

Probably the LEAST flexible, or LEAST forgiving of the hookups is the sewer connection. We had to move the travel trailer forward to have it line up correctly and have the shortest run possible. As you can see, the sewer connection comes directly out 90 degrees from the RV to the sewer drain. We had to stretch the sewer drain pipe quite a bit to get it to stretch, but it seemed to do the trick.

We luckily (you just don't know what you need the first time) had a coaxial cable for the cable TV. That is the line you see going to the small connector in the upper right hand portion of the photo.

We also had a water line (the white hose) for fresh water.

Finally, the trailer had its own electrical connector from the camper to the fuse box. The fuse box had two places to plug, but they were shaped differently and you can't get it wrong. I'm pretty sure the Palomino Puma is a 30 Amp connection.

One thing to note... Sheri allows the black water (sewer) and the two grey waters (kitchen and bathroom) to fill up. Then we drain the black first and the two greys then drain next washing all the black water down. I think that is pretty clever. Sheri has lots of this figured out after living the in the trailer for two years.

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